After studying metallurgy, Kevin worked as a fabricator for 18 years. In 2005, Kevin began applying his knowledge and skills in working with stainless steel to creating metal sculptures. Known around the world for his large scale outdoor sculpture installations, Kevin has pushed his fabrication and creativity to new levels.

At Stone’s Speed Shop, Kevin creates dream cars for automobile enthusiasts. With each build, Kevin infuses his unique combination of artistic talent and technical expertise. With the support of Michelle, his wife, and his team of fabricators and mechanics, Stone’s is building dreams, one car at a time.


Customer Reviews


Ryan Salzl

Only place your going to get quality genuine REAL honest amazing work in the lower mainland/ Fraser valley.

Rob Petty

Pretty neat shop putting out some incredible builds... if you are looking for help with your project, I'd definitely check these guys out...

Steve Nielsen

I highly recommend Kevin Stone any day of the week. Top Notch work!

Stephen Fairbridge

Awesome work and satisfied customers.